What is the One Year Project?


In December of 2015, while waiting one of our lecturers to arrive to class, we got onto the topic of what we were going to do when we were finished in college. Everyone in the class seemed to have their plan in life already! They knew exactly what the wanted to do and where they wanted to go.

Study hard. Get a good degree. Get a job.

For the two of us, however, we have always felt like this wasn't exactly how life was going to unfold. The idea of finishing university and going out to work in a 9 to 5 job for the rest of our lives has never been something that either of us wanted. We both know what we want to do in life, so why waste any time doing anything else?

It's more than just a 'dream', it's a gut feeling.

Megan has been interested in videography, editing and film-making for as long as she could remember. Alice has been performing around Dublin and Ireland since she was 15, and produces covers alongside writing and recording her own orignals.

We both know what we want to do, and we both understand that feeling of having a goal in life that was considered just a little bit outside of the box, and so we decided to team up and work together towards our goals and make our 'crazy dreams' a reality.

This is the One Year Project.

We have given ourselves 365 days to achieve a number of goals, both as a team, as well as on our own individual projects. We are using our YouTube channel (and blog) to document this progress as the year unfolds. Together we share a drive to show our creativity through our projects, both together and individually.

Although our goals may be different, our ambition remains the same.

Our joint goal in the One Year Project in 2016 is based around mental health, and the promotion of positive mental wellbeing. This is where video projects such as Dear Future Me and Love Yourself come into the picture. We believe that mental health deserves more attention on a global level, and we hope that through our videos, we inspire people to look after themselves, look after each other, and above all, to be happy.

When we started our project at the beginning of 2016, we never could have anticipated how well it would be received. It quickly gained the attention of the Irish media. From radio stations to journal articles, to an appearance on ABC's GOOD MORNING AMERICA (!!!!), people were engaging with us and helping us to spread our message – the message of being happy.

The main way of following our progress is through our monthly recap series, edited my Megan, in which we document everything that we have done each month in working towards our goals. Every week, we also upload our own individual videos. For Alice, these vary from covers, to her own original songs being uploaded online for the first time. For Megan, these can vary from lifestyle and general chatty videos, to videos that are shot in a more short-film style, such as 19 Lessons at 19.

We come up with ideas and film them together. Megan edits them, and then Alice promotes them.

About Megan

Megan is an aspiring film maker and online content creator. She is the creative director behind the One Year Project videos and has a strong passion for videography, editing and visuals. In one year, she hopes to gain an online following based on her creativity. Starting out with nothing but her camera, Megan wants to prove that you don't need to have all of the money in the world and the fancy equipment to succeed. If you are passionate, hard working and above all, if you believe in yourself, it will shine through in your work.

Twitter: @meganieire Instagram: @meganieire

About Alice

Alice is an aspiring singer songwriter, preforming around Dublin since the age of 15. In the next year, Alice wants to begin the process of her first single and radio tour. She will document her progress on the single and gigging throughout the year. Alice mainly uses the channel as a way to showcase her own original songs which she writes, records, producers and masters herself. Alice wants to show both the highs and lows of the music industry, and that with hard work and self belief anything is possible.

Twitter: @Alice_Kiernan Instagram: @Alicestagram